Video Strategist Role

About Inbound Plan

Our company started in 2018 and we help business owners grow through Inbound framework, automation, training, and grants strategies. 

We recently launched a new vertical to our company where we help business owners leverage the power of video for brand awareness, content strategies, attracting new clients and also we help them run YouTube Ads. 

Video strategies are growing and we are looking for a long term video strategist to work with us. 

Here are some the duties:

  1. We provide the content, video strategist will review the content, and make an engaging video.  This is for our company. Internal use. 
  2. We will provide the content and you will turn into an engaging video. We look to this person for recommendations as well. For example, you may read a line and may think that the engagement could be delivered better if we use a different line, or sentence, etc
  3. Do a recorded webinar with us over Zoom. 

Length of videos. 

The length of videos will range from 30 seconds to 2 minutes for YouTube Ads.   

10 – 20 minutes videos for demos, insights, or knowledge-based videos to be used on our landing pages. 

Working with the clients

As we launch our services  for YouTube Marketing, we may have clients who will use themselves on videos or may need a video strategist that can make videos for them (You). domain. – We own the rights to “Clients.Video” domain and we are looking to launch another startup – instead of adding additional services to our existing business

Hence, this video strategist will be a major player in the game.  Video strategies are in demand and the video strategist will be a major driver to our company. For Phase 1 – we are looking to launch a website sometime in April.

We are not looking for someone with technical skills, digital strategies, or need to know how to do YouTube Ads. What we are looking for is someone who has a strong presence over video, entrepreneur mindset, and can engage the viewers with their presence.


Option 1: You work with us on pay per video model. For example, we give you the content, you create an engaging video for us and we pay you for your service.

Option 2: 

For the right person, we are offering equity for our new startup – Clients.Video. This startup includes myself (Vic Saini), business partner and we are looking for a third partner that has a strong presence over video and has an entrepreneur mindset.  This individual will help us create engaging videos, (we will provide content, but as you are now part of the company, you may review content, provide recommendations, etc). We will also be doing live webinars together, and help business owners run YouTube Ads and they may need a video strategist to make videos for them if they are unable to do so, We will also be running Live youTube Ads courses and video strategies. The profits generated by Clients.Video will be shared among 3 of us.

This role is perfect for someone who is great in making videos and has an entrepreneur mindset, looking to learn additional social media and digital strategist skills,  interested in working with successful entrepreneurs. 

If you are interested in learning more, send me an email at [email protected] and I will setup a zoom meeting with you.

Best regards,

Vic Saini, Founder