Jessica went from booking 2-3 appointments a week with her potential clients to over 20 booked meetings a week with qualified leads that are interested in her expertise. 

We helped her create two unique offers for her LinkedIn organic reach & YouTube Ads Campaigns. We also helped her build high-converting funnels to capture and nurture her clients. She landed a $150k consulting client from a single client. On average, she is closing 2-3 consulting clients a month now by using the Inbound method, & conversion strategies.

Learn From Experts

The client has grown his coaching business to 7 figures by using a 4-step framework & Purpose + Profits strategies.

  • Marketing CRM implementation, building funnels, and targeting strategies
  • Videos & live webinars strategies
  • Google Ads & LinkedIn Strategies for business growth.
  • Hands-on training & coaching
  • Education Led Strategy (Purpose + Profits) to turn leads into paying customers and advertise for free. 

More Case studies...

Sustainable Energy Org

Sustainable energy org is dedicated to clean energy, greenhouse gas emissions, and connecting consumers to energy-saving resources and companies. The organization is standing out by being purpose-driven, making a difference, and connecting homeowners with solar companies. 

  • The organization is now attracting hundreds of qualified leads to its sales pipeline.
  • Implemented Attract CRM & created automations.
  • Funnels and video ads strategies
  • Purpose and profits model strategy

Chiropractic Wellness

  • Chiropractic Wellness Association provides chiropractic resources,  informative articles, and programs.
  • By using a Purpose + profits strategy they are receiving a free advertisement from Google.
  • Increased ROI by 5x and decreased marketing costs
  • Eliminated marketing agency monthly costs and they are leveraging our expertise and our systems.

Above and Beyond coaching

  • 90-Day framework training and rebranding. 
  • Increased the ROI from $2,000 a month on selling courses online to $30,000 a month using YouTube, LinkedIn, and consulting model. 
  • Attract CRM & Automation
  • Purpose-driven strategy.
  • Strategic Parnership

Strength through health Foundation

  • 4-step Framework and 90-day mastermind resulted in going from $5,000 a month to $20,000 months by using YouTube, and Facebook groups strategy
  • Reduced marketing costs and increased ROAS by 5x by implementing data-driven decisions.

California Southern University

  • Increased ROI by YouTube Organic growth, YouTube Ads, and Facebook Ads.
  • Marketing Automation Systems 
  • Product growth and Agile consulting strategies.
  • Approach to data-driven marketing and growth by leveraging the power of data.
  • Implementation of website with WordPress & Marketing CRM. 

Mental Health Works


Mental health works is providing resources, mental health awareness, and counseling to those who are in need of mental services.

  • Implemented Purpose and profits strategy which resulted in Free advertisement from Google.
  • CRM & Landing pages

Digital Future - Thrive with Crypto

  • 90-day Framework training
  • 4x ROAS return by using YouTube Ads + Google Organic. 
  • From selling online courses on teaching platforms and undercharging to building an online blockchain consulting business.
  • Live webinars strategies that resulted in high conversions, engagement and selling through leadership approach. 

Solar Evolve

Solar Evolve’s mission is to empower people with knowledge in the areas of climate change, solar, and green energy. 

  • Salesforce marketing software for 10 user license = $3,000. Solar Evolve’s cost for being a purpose-driven organization = is $0.0
  • Google Marketing costs = $0.0
  • Coached and trained the client on the Purpose + Profits strategy and how to advertise for free on Google.

Real Estate & finance education

  • The 4-step 90-day program resulted in hundreds of qualified leads to the business.
  • Video strategies – How to make real estate videos and target the right audience.
  • Implemented a CRM to track and nurture the clients. 
  • Using data-driven decisions to pinpoint your ideal customers.

  • 7x ROAS by using YouTube Ads and live webinar strategies.
  • YouTube Ads Analytics, A/B testing, and metrics.
  • Using YouTube Ads in combination with Facebook and LinkedIn for retargeting strategies resulted in $30k to $100k months. 
  • AD’s placement strategies. We coached them on how to put Product Management Ads in front of the competition’s YouTube channels.

Marketing Foundation Org

  • 90-day framework training.
  • Sales funnels and content-driven website
  • Technology training: WordPress + Automations.
  • Video Strategies funnels
  • Using a Purpose-driven strategy to build trust, establish relations, and increase growth. 
  • The owner is now enrolling 50 to 100 students a month in their marketing program. 

Chiropractic Balance

  • Eliminated middle-tier (marketing agency + technology) costs by providing a website, technology, and marketing training. This resulted in over $3,000 a month in savings for the business owner.
  • Strategic partnership model. 

Spiritual and health

  • 90-day live mastermind training
  • We built out sales funnels, set up automation, and coached them on how to target the right audience by using the 4-step principles. 
  • A blend of organic and paid strategies resulted in higher conversions, sales, and a decrease in marketing costs.

Startup Warrior

  • The purpose + Profits strategy resulted in higher student enrollment, trust, engagement, and free advertisement from Google.
  • Marketing CRM training, and understanding analytics.
  • We created sales funnels that are attractive and convert leads into customers.
  • Tripled the student enrollments by using analytics, and metrics and helped them create effective marketing strategies. 

VSL Clients

Trained the client on using YouTube Ads and video strategies. $2,000 AD spent resulted in $30,000 in sales.  

  • The client went from charging $500 to $2,000 by implementing live learning and group strategies.
  • Reduced marketing costs by 50% by leveraging YouTube Ads and retargeting strategies.
  • Trained the client on data-driven marketing strategies, A/B testing that resulted in higher conversions, and engagement.

Still Got it Fitness

  • Still got it Fitness is empowering people with fitness, nutrition, and exercise content so they can live a healthier and more enriched life.
  • The purpose + Profits Strategy allows them to advertise for free.
  • They are making an impact, changing lives and making profits at the same time.

True Projects

True Projects is Nonprofit Org and the initiative is to help communities grow – healthy and sustainable, nourishing, and empowering.  

  • Purpose-driven growth strategies 
  • Bringing awareness to thousands of people around the globe. 
  • Organic and paid strategies


Real Estate & Finance with Purpose

  • Client is empowering target audience with Real Estate, Finance, and Investment coaching. 
  • Purpose + Profits Strategy
  • Business growth strategies. 

Creative Consulting Group

  • The creative group went from $20,000/month to $50,000 months by using data-driven marketing and applying the framework to YouTube Ads, LinkedIn organic, and video strategies. 
  • Sales and growth strategies.
  • Marketing CRM systems.

Sustainable energy org is dedicated to clean energy, greenhouse gas emissions, and connecting consumers to energy-saving resources and companies. The organization is standing out by being purpose-driven, making a difference, and connecting homeowners with solar companies. 

We increased the leads by helping them become Purpose-driven, form strategic partnerships and they are making an impact.


Spartan Health

  We helped them go from a $100 self-guided health course to charging clients subscription fees and a $2,000 health mastermind.  

  • 90-day 4-step training resulted in 6 figures in the first year. 
  • Implementation of funnels, recurring payment systems, and how to create engaging communities. 
  • YouTube Ads targeting strategies and targeting YouTube channels related to health and fitness


Chiropractic Education

  • Implemented marketing CRM for collecting leads, nurturing, and using analytics to find new opportunities in the areas of chiropractic care.
  • Sales funnels, Lead forms, and automation.
  • Eliminated the marketing agency model saving the clinic thousands of dollars each month. They are now leveraging our systems, technology, and expertise. 
  • Strategic partnership

Health Elevated

  • Purpose+ Profit strategy formula – Free marketing for Health Elevated organization that provides resources on mental health, health & wellness, and behavior coaching. The organization uses $10,000 a month in Free advertising every month to help people with health and wellness. 

Startup Academy

  • 90-Day Mastermind hands-on training.
  • Hands-on coaching with creating Sales funnels, and data-driven growth strategies
  • Training on LinkedIn Organic, Google Search, and YouTube Ads strategies.
  • Increased conversion rates and consistent sales coming in month after month.

Rest Mindset

rRest is a nonprofit organization making a difference by transforming lives, helping people manage stress, and providing health education.

  • Purpose Driven & Education led strategy that resulted in higher engagement and conversions.
  • Helped them pinpoint their target audience by using data-driven tools.

Passion Empowerment Org

The client empowers people with educational Blogs, workshops, videos, and coaching to teach people how to get paid for their passion. 

  • Provided mentorship and education on attracting people by being purpose-driven, building trust, and increasing engagement.
  • Purpose + Profits strategy
  • Data-driven methods to attract the right audience to the website. 

Virtual Knowledge Center Org

The Virtual Knowledge center helps entrepreneurs with LLCs, trademarks, and offers self-taught courses.

  • 90day 4-step framework mastermind resulted in going from $5k months to $40k by targeting the right buyers at the right time.
  • Helped them build communities and drive paid media to video funnels and landing pages that increased conversions, and reduced marketing costs.
  • Mentorship and coaching on A/B testing, metrics, and using data to create effective marketing campaigns