90-day Inbound Accelerator

90-Day hands-on coaching and training program that will help you grow your business by leveraging inbound principles, digital strategies, and automation technologies.

Stop paying thousands of dollars to marketing agencies, or overpriced marketing coaches. Learn from experts who are running 7-figures businesses. 

Program details

This is a “done-with-you” training program delivered via live Zoom meetings. We help you attract the right clients for your business, implement inbound strategies, automations, and scale your business to 7 & 8 figures.  The program is for 90-days and it is one-on-one and group coaching 3x a week. By the time you have finished the 2nd module, you will be filling your sales pipeline with customers that are interested in your services.

Module 1: We help you build out an Inbound Marketing Plan

In the first module of the program, we do a deep dive and see what is working and what’s not. We will review your current messaging, copy, target market and craft a detailed Inbound marketing plan for your business. 

Without having the right plan often leads to frustration, and attracting the wrong buyers to your business.

The plan will have the following components: 

  1. The products/services you sell and buyer personas.
  2. We work on your messaging together. Your message should be crystal clear on what you do and how you solve problems. 
  3. Industry focus/niche.
  4. Identify the business pain-points and the type of clients you are trying to attract. 
Templates will be provided. By having a strong foundation in step 1 – Awareness and clarity, 

Module 2: Qualified leads from Google Search, YouTube Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, and email campaigns.

In Module 2, we identify the systems you are using currently before launching your Ads. Get this wrong, and your marketing will be ineffective and frustrating. 

We identify the following components that are required to run a successful marketing campaign:

  1. Landing pages that convert!
  2. Writing great copy that leaves the audience wanting more. (Examples: Book a call, fill out a form, purchase a digital service such as an online course, etc)
  3. Video strategies 
  4. Marketing CRM to capture leads and put them in automations.

We review your ad copy, messaging, and launch the campaigns on the following digital channels:

  1. Google Search (Organic and Ads strategies)
  2. YouTube Video Ads (Do you know if a viewer skips your ad within 30 seconds, you do not pay!. It is very important to set up the campaigns the right way or you will be wasting money.) YouTube Ads are much more effective and in some cases, cheaper than Facebook Ads! 
  3. LinkedIn – Organic Strategies only! Paid Ads do not work, we know this because we have tried :). LinkedIn is where CEOs, Founders, Entrepreneurs, and Directors are hanging out. We have perfected the art of organic reach on LinkedIn.
  4. Facebook Organic & Ads strategies.
  5. Email Campaigns – Email campaigns are very effective if done right. Instead of sending cold emails, use marketing automation to nurture your prospects, send them valuable insights, information to live events, and much more. This is a very effective technique to turn prospects into customers. 
By the time you have finished this module, you will be attracting highly qualified leads to your business.  Depending on your business, you may only need 1 of these digital channels to bring in qualified leads or all 4. 

Module 3: Conversions, Analytics & data

Your business is now attracting hundreds of leads. Congratulations! We will use a 6-key framework to turn your leads into paying customers.

In this module, you will learn how to:

  1. Build authority in your space, social proof concept, and standing out from your competition. 
  2. Following up with leads and how to convert them into customers.
  3. Understanding Analytics 
  4. Automations
  5. Omni-channel Marketing and re-targeting.
  6. Videos and Live webinar strategies.

Module 4: Sales & Growth

In the last module, we will teach you the same strategies that are used by top entrepreneurs that have scaled their businesses past 7 and 8 figures.

  1. Pricing strategies. 
  2. Offering referral incentives to your customers, and implementing a referral system.
  3. Scaling your business with technologies and automation. 
  4. Virtual Assistants, building sales teams, and running your business on auto-pilot. 
  5. Implementing a Non-Profit education organization to your For-Profit business and help you secure grants that you can use for marketing.

Our 90-day Hands-on digital accelerator has delivered big results for our clients.

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90-day Inbound Accelerator