Live 1 Hour Virtual Event On Zoom

December 21, 2022. 11:00am - 12:00pm PST

At this Live Event, I will show you how to attract hundreds of qualified leads to your business and turn them into customers by using the 4-step framework. Increase your sales, close more deals, and grow your business! 

Eliminate the guesswork and follow a proven strategies and using high converting funnels. 



Here is what we are going to cover at the live event

We have helped over 2000 clients grow their business and we will be sharing strategies and tips with you! 

Targeting the right customers To your business

How to build powerful buyer personas and target the right customers that are interested in your services. 

4-step Inbound Framework

Grow your business by using the 4-step Inbound Framework. Instead of chasing clients, they will be reaching out to you and asking for help!  

Social Media Channels

LinkedIn Organic Strategies, Facebook Organic + Ads, and YouTube Ads strategies.  What is working in 2022, and how to get ahead of the competition. 

Funnel Strategies

How to build killer funnels, and automations. Nurturing your prospects the right way. Maximize results by removing 80% of the manual process. 

Digital strategies & CRM

Latest digital strategies, CRM, and building email marketing automations  

Ask questions

After the event, we will open up the floor for questions. Network, participate and ask questions 

Hosted by Vic Saini and Lawrence Buttress

2023 is almost here! Take January by the storm!

Dec 21, 2022 11:00am PST

You ask, we answer

  • You are a business owner and charge at least $1,000 for your services. 
  • You sell consulting services
  • You Sell Coaching (Live mentoring or group)
  • Health and Wellness  
  • Lawyer
  • Real Estate 
  • Technology service provider

Bring a notepad and take notes!

Yes, this event is free. Spots are limited. 

Scale your business to 7 figures. Don't miss this free event!