Become successful in Affiliate Marketing

Power of Strategic Partnership Model + Free Training & Tools = Thrive in today's digital age!

Affiliate Marketing and Goal of this video

 According to marketing data, 90% of people fail in affiliate marketing in the first year and only the top 10% percent are successful. 

Become successful in Affiliate marketing by forming strategic partnerships and selling high-ticket services.

Strategic Partnership Program

  • Our strategic partners make $500 – $6,000 per sale generated by us
  • Our services are in-demand and Inbound methodology is growing! 
  • Hands-on training provided to our partners
  • We have a proven system that has been working for us and we give you the blueprint. 
  • Tech skills are not required.
  • Sales skills are not required. You do not need to talk to anyone, we take off the leads, follow up with them and close the sale.
  • We teach you organic strategies that are proven to work.
  • Book a meeting and we will create a 30-day roadmap for you and become successful in our high-ticket strategic program.

Content and target audience for this video:

The length of the video is 12 minutes. The target audience for this webinar is Affiliate marketers who are new to affiliate marketing or experts interested in promoting high-ticket services.

  •  We will not be going over Affiliate programs such as the Amazon Affiliate program, Shopify, Clickbanks, etc. The market is too saturated, and it is very competitive. Not to mention selling low-priced consumer goods requires a lot of effort on your part. Instead, go for high-ticket offers and meet your monthly revenue goals much faster.
  • Affiliate referral tracking: “Cookie” versus Marketing CRM. (TIP: The top affiliate marketers are using CRM and Not Cookie-based tracking!)
  • Providing free training, tools, funnels, and systems to our strategic partners. Win-Win Model
  • 5 tips and strategies shared in this video


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