Our mission

Changing lives of entrepreneurs by empowering them with knowledge and helping them thrive in today's digital age.

Vic Saini, Founder of Inbound Plan

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About Inbound and my journey into entrepreneurship...

The Inbound Plan is not a marketing agency, we are more of an Anti-marketing agency! Our goal is to empower business owners with hands-on training and provide results driven coaching.  We only work with a handful of clients each month and this helps us create a personalized experience for our clients. 

We have spent countless hours on research, marketing, data-driven principles, sales psychology, engaging content and the inbound framework. We know what works and how to get results for our clients.  

My Entrepreneur Journey…

I have worked and consulted for top companies such as Panasonic, 20th Century Fox, and Google. I have helped companies grow through Product growth strategies, consulting, research, data analytics, and marketing automation. I am also a contributor at Entrepreneur Magazine.  I host a number of live workshops in Seattle, WA, and virtual webinars throughout the year. I love connecting with aspiring entrepreneurs, and business owners, and I am always learning new strategies and networking with business owners. Schedule a free strategy meeting with me or connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn. 

In 2018, I left the corporate world and started my own business – Inbound Plan.

More about the name Inbound…

The concept of Inbound marketing was coined by Hubspot’s co-founder and CEO, Brian Helligan. Around 2014, it took off and Inbound methodology revolves around selling by solving problems and taking an education-led approach. It is easier to convert customers by showing them value of what you do rather than selling. The top entrepreneurs today are using this method to build trust, establish leadership, and command premium prices. Instead of lowering prices, work with your dream clients that will gladly pay you for your expertise. 

I love to connect with you and help you execute a well-crafted inbound marketing plan and train you on how to apply this strategic game plan on digital channels such as Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, or Facebook.  I highly encourage you to connect with me first before you hire marketing agencies or give your hard earned money to expensive coaches out there. 

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