Attract Qualified leads and turn them into paying customers...

Using a proven 4-step Inbound Marketing Plan


Book a free strategy meeting with my team, and we will customize an Inbound marketing plan for your business. We will also cover the following: 

What is Inbound Plan?

 An inbound Marketing Plan is a strategic approach to attract qualified leads, and turn them into paying customers by building meaningful relationships with prospects and customers.  It is about empowering them with knowledge,  providing value, and helping them reach their goals. 

Inbound strategy is growing and it is used by top entrepreneurs today.

It was founded by the co-founder of Hubspot, Brian Halligan.

The Inbound Framework has the following steps:

  1. Attract the right customers to your business. 
  2. Engage with leads
  3. Nurture and conversions 
  4. Sales and growth strategies

We help business owners like yourself attract and convert leads into high paying customers week after week, month after month. Read our case studies.

The Inbound approach is more human, customer-centric, and it revolves around solving problems and addressing pain-points of your customers. 

The focus is on providing value and results… not selling!  People pay for the outcomes you will deliver for them. 

This is what we do

We work with solo entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized business owners who are struggling to find clients or having a hard time converting them into customers.  

90% of business owners are doing it wrong, targeting the wrong buyers and wasting money on ads. 

We create a well-defined Inbound marketing plan customized for your business and launch it on the top digital channels that have been bringing big results to our clients. Stop using outdated strategies and methods that no longer work in today’s competitive marketplace. We will implement the strategies that are used by the top 10%.

Read our case studies.

4 Strategic programs

Done-for-you. (Marketing Agency)

We craft a detailed strategic marketing plan for your business, help you build your buyer persona, research your competitors and target market. We then launch campaigns that will attract qualified customers to your business. We take care of marketing, and you concentrate on growing your business.

Done-with-you coaching program. 30-day Mastermind

Fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads week after week, month after month with our hands-on coaching program. Master the 4-step Inbound framework.

Strategic plan for your business

Book a free strategy meeting with us. We like to learn about your business, your target audience, and share some tips and strategies with you, and show you how the Inbound plan may look like for your business. You will also be invited to our free events.

Strategic Partnerships/JV

We build a website for your business, landing pages, funnels, CRM, automations, marketing, and get qualified customers to your business. We share a percentage of each sale generated by you. You concentrate on growing your business and leave technology and marketing to us. This is a win-win strategic partnership.

Results-driven Marketing

4-step Inbound Framework. The method we use to help our clients get qualified leads daily.

Fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads and Grow your business by using the proven 4-step process.

Step #1

Attract the right customers to your business

90% of business owners are focused on selling, targeting the wrong buyers who have no intentions of buying from you, using outdated methods, and throwing away money on Ads that do not convert. 

Before launching marketing campaigns, you should have a solid buyer persona built out and a good understanding of your potential buyer. We help you create a detailed Inbound Plan based on data-driven marketing principles and targeting strategies. The components of the plan are: 

  1. Client Clarity, focus, and target market. Your message should be crystal clear and focused on your niche market. It should not be broad and sound like everyone else. People value services that are specialized, have a unique message, and  focused on solving particular problems, not solving all of the problems.  
  2. Setting yourself apart and creating an irresistible offer. (Unique Value proposition) 
  3. Building out a solid buyer persona, demographics, and why your potential customers should choose you over your competitors. 
  4. Identifying your target market, and putting your message in front of the right buyers at the right time who are looking to buy.
  5. Creating a detailed marketing plan based on data, trends, and demand… Not guesswork!

Step 1 is critical to your success and it is very powerful if done right.  We have been using the same strategies to grow your business to 7 figures and helping our clients do the same. 

 We help you craft this strategic plan that is personalized to your business and launch it on the top digital channels:  YouTube Ads,  Google remarketing, Facebook, and Email marketing channels.


Our 90-day Hands-on digital accelerator has delivered big results for our clients.

Step #2

Qualified leads

In Step #1, we crafted a well-defined marketing strategy plan for your business that is designed to attract the right customers to your business.  You are now attracting visitors to your website and your sales pipeline is getting filled with qualified leads. 

According to Marketing research data:  YouTube Ads, Google Remarketing, Facebook, and Email Marketing channels provide marketers with the highest ROI.

This is where your ideal customers are hanging out. Researching solutions on Google search, watching tutorials, demos, or how-to’s on YouTube, and networking with other business owners on Facebook.   We put your message in front of the right buyers who have the intent to buy.

We also teach you data-driven marketing strategies, Omnipresent, and retargeting strategies to nurture your leads and turn prospects into high-paying customers. 

Well-executed Inbound plan & implementing it on top digital channels = Sales! Sales! Sales! 

Step #3

Convert leads into customers (Conversions)

Turn leads into paying customers with our 6-key framework. We have tested and perfected this model and we teach you how to turn leads into high paying customers by using the 6-key framework:

  • Leadership and building authority in your space.
  • Creating an offer that is no-brainer and making your competition irrelevant 
  • Results driven selling by taking an education-led approach.
  • Omni-channel marketing and re-targeting your current prospects.
  • Social proof
  • Purpose+profits strategy (This strategy is taught at top business schools such as Harvard. Having a purpose, making an impact, and profits at the same time)
  • Implementing a powerful Marketing CRM to build high-converting funnels, automations, nurturing your clients, email automations, and more. Don’t have a Marketing CRM? We help you implement this to your business. 

Step #4

Sales & growth

The leads are turning into paying customers and your business is growing… Congrats! This is the time to start building a solid relationship with your customers. It costs more to obtain a new customer than to retain a current one. Provide services that will leave your customer satisfied, build long-lasting relationships with your existing customers and your business will thrive! This is how we have been growing our business since 2018!

We also go over additional growth strategies such as:

  • Pricing strategies, front-end offers, and core offers.
  • Implementing a referral system
  • Offers that compliment your existing services
  • Virtual Assistants and outsourcing sales teams. Spend time on your business, not in your business.
  • Growth hack strategies
  • Scaling your business with digital technologies and automation.

Strategy & Discovery Meeting

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Client Success Stories

“I highly recommend this team. Our business has shot up by using video strategies, webinars, and Youtube Ads. We have increased our ROI by 10x and decreased our marketing costs by implementing an education-led approach. The 4 step framework and making data driven decisions is now our primary method of marketing. We are onboarding new clients every single month. You guys are doing a fantastic job, keep it up"
Alex Bryant
“I teach health & nutrition online and I was having a hard time converting leads into paying customers. This framework helped me change my thinking process, content, and the delivery of my training. I now have consistent revenue and my business is growing. Implementing the data-driven method and CRM systems for tracking and nurturing is very helpful. There is tons of value in this 90 day program and the tools provided are a game changer"
Patrick Barlett
Nutrition & Exercise coach